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“You sure are pretty, you wouldn’t happen to need a boyfriend?” – Stated by an employee at a nation-wide chain which specializes in tire replacement.

This morning as I was reading in the waiting area while the Mini was getting a pedicure (aka two new front tires), I heard an employee say the above quoted statement.  I looked around and realized since I was the only one there he must have been talking to me. 

“No, I’m married.”

I was shocked for a few reasons, but the question that lingers is…did he really think that line would work?!  Seriously, has the dating game changed so much that this type of approach is acceptable?  My first thought was no, I’m married, but if I wasn’t do you really expect me to say, “yes, I’m in the market for a boyfriend, want to grab a drink?” 

I’ll give the guy a little credit for having the guts to say something and putting himself out there, but I really wanted to coach him a bit and say that his opening line was one of the worst pick-up lines I have ever heard.  Maybe he needs to read a book about the psychology of men and women.  Guys like to get straight to the point, which he certainly did.  Women like to build relationships.  Although I’m appreciative of him not wasting my time with much small talk, he should have struck up a conversation with me, which in the midst of it I would have intentionally made my left hand visible so he could notice my wedding ring and hopefully avoid embarrassment for the both of us.  And if I was a single gal sitting there, he would need to do this small talk anyway for her to even consider saying “yes” to his boyfriend question. 

I might fly my brother Justin in and have him teach a seminar on “how to have game”…because clearly this guy needs to work on his.

I’m delinquent on a few blog updates, including Yosemite pictures, but this was just too funny to not post immediately.


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New Life Together

Jasmine (our dog) and I started our new life together this week.  I started my internship, and she started her weight loss plan.  Yes, I’m THAT dog owner, the one I never wanted to be…the one who has an overweight dog.  I took her to the vet last week and was SHOCKED that her weight has continued to creep up even though we control her reduced calorie food portions and take her for long walks.  She is really living up to her “husky” name.  What an awful feeling, sitting at the vet hearing that she needs to lose 30% of her weight and knowing it’s not her fault, but mine. 

Rather than wallowing in the guilt and shame of it, we are turning over a new leaf and are doing things differently!  Eric and I cut back her food (which is much less than what they say to give on the bag…I guess I was a sucker for their marketing ploy to sell more dog food) and she doesn’t seem to be missing the extra portion.  In addition to her daily long walks, Jasmine is returning to the running world, she is running 1mile twice a week!

We are also keeping a close eye on Venus, I don’t want her summer vet visit to have the same conversation.  I think she has become too comfortable with indoor cat life and packed on a few pounds.  Her new exercise regiment is running up and down the stairs, when we can convince her this is a worthwhile activity. 

Below are a few “before” pictures.  I’m hopeful we’ll eventually have some “after” pictures where Jasmine looks less like a sausage with legs, and more like a lean pack dog. 

Jasmine "Before" - Lounging

Jasmine "Before" - Lounging

Jasmine "Before" - Standing

Jasmine "Before" - Standing

Here are some Venus “before” pics.  It’s hard to capture how big she is, but I know she can lose a few pounds.  Maybe I should start a reality TV show “The Biggest Loser – Pets Season”.

Venus "Before" - Just Chillin'

Venus "Before" - Just Chillin'

Venus "Before" - You know I hate to do anything you want me to...but when you dangle that ribbon in front of me I can't help but attack it!

Venus "Before" - You know I hate to do anything you want me to...but when you dangle that ribbon in front of me I can't help but attack it!

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I’ve heard that the two most common prayers are “thank you, thank you, thank you” and “help me, help me, help me”.  I have prayed both of these in the past week.  Last week when another door “closed” in my job search, in frustration, I broke out the “God – please help me know what I am supposed to being doing here!” prayer, pretty much asking to be thrown a bone…or at least have a door propped open so I can take a peak in. 

Patience Tara, patience.  This week a door flung wide open and I feel a huge weight lifted off my chest!  Since moving to Sacramento, I have been pursuing a change in careers.  Although I appreciate many of the skills I developed in the high-tech semiconductor industry, I’m ready to apply my skills sets to a field where I can make a more direct positive impact on society.  I recently decided to volunteer part-time while I continue my job search, partly for my sanity (so the most exciting thing in my week is something other than how much I saved at the grocery store), and also so I feel like I am adding value to the world in some small way.  

During my research of area organizations I kept running across a local non-profit called Valley Vision, and I really felt aligned with their mission and philosophy.   As a result of following a gut instinct that I should offer to volunteer at this organization, and my few small Sacramento “worlds” colliding, I recently connected with the staff and rather than accepting me as a volunteer they offered me a paid part-time internship while I continue my full-time job search!  I am VERY excited and am SO appreciative of the opportunity!  An organization I was excited to volunteer at is willing to pay me, I am so blessed.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m already chalking this up to a fantastic weekend.  We kicked off the weekend hosting a dinner party Friday night with a few of Eric’s colleagues and their spouses.  I had a great time getting to know folks better, discovering shared obsessions with ipod solitaire and singing karaoke.  Yes, the evening did end with a few rounds on the karaoke machine (sorry neighbors) including an all-out booty shakin’ to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” and a group-sing to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”.  Thank goodness Lisa and Kacey have amazing voices so there was a break from the Thronson’s mediocre (at best) singing…although we have great stage presence! 


Ben, Lisa, Kacey, Brian, Taric

Ben, Lisa, Kacey, Brian, Taric

On Saturday (Eric’s first day off in January!) we ventured to Placerville, about 45min east of Sacramento, for a long hill run.  Eric discovered an awesome trail that gave us just the workout we were looking for on what turned out to be a GORGEOUS day.  Without a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the sixties, we stopped at a little hamburger joint for lunch.  Since we’ve been in California I have tried local burger joints, the famous In-N-Out burger (which I really like their business model), and Carl’s Jr…but Eric and I both agree…they are no Whataburger

On our way back to Sac-town we stopped by Boeger Winery for a little wine tasting and to stock up on a few bottles.  This was one of the wineries we visited back in October, I love this place!  They are so nice, and their wines are delicious! 

Perfect weather, a fantastic run and wine-tasting…I can’t ask for much more, but we went ahead a topped it off attending a local play with one of Eric’s colleagues.  It was a great opportunity to get our first taste of Sacramento’s theatre scene!  The play was very intense but a great experience, we’ll definitely catch future shows at the Sac City Theatre!

Although sometimes it takes a little reminder, all in all, life is good.  I appreciate times like this weekend when I don’t need a reminder.

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