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We Staged a Miracle

Wow, what an incredible experience.  It is difficult to put it to words.  Last Saturday the kids performed their play, A Hand Out For Hope, to three overflowing audiences.  It was so rewarding to see these kids shine on stage.  Some of the miracles along the way that will stay with me…

Thanks to the skills of my brother Justin, we merged images of art made by each of the children in the play into a poster (see below).  The Sacramento Bee was very generous to our program by writing a great article, capturing interviews on this video, and printing our posters for free. This generosity allowed us to give one to each of the children, while selling the others for next year’s seed money.  This is such a great memento of this summer’s production.

2009 Staging A Miracle Poster

2009 Staging A Miracle Poster

We had a display during the Saturday performances (which were associated with Sacramento’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk event) of art and photography by the kids.  It was a powerful display that the Sacramento downtown library requested to have as an exhibit in the next few months.  This is a great opportunity to continue to raise awareness of Staging A Miracle, and give the families an excuse to go to the library together! It is another example of how this small program is truly becoming a community collaborative.

Sunday after the final performance(as part of the worship service) we celebrated the conclusion of our time together with a cast party.  During the party the writer and director of the play presented each of the children with their poster, on which we had written positive characteristics we observed in each child.  Watching those kids hang on to these words of encouragement, and witnessing how much they have learned and grown in the past 5 weeks was miraculous.  Some of the kids learned to play guitar.  Some kids shined when they learned to focus their energy in a positive way.  But most of all, meaningful relationships in this community have formed, and I expect will continue. 

I began the journey to volunteer with the group because I loved the concept and wanted to help others in my community.  As a result, I have been changed for the better by this experience, and I look forward to the next step, whatever it may be.

Look for pictures and a video in a future post…likely a few weeks.


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