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My Birth Story

As many of you know, I attended a prenatal yoga class during my pregnancy, which was awesome.  Not only did it help me relax during the pregnancy, but we learned poses which helped during labor.  Also, through my yoga class I met other soon-to-be moms, and as a practice we share our birth story so we can learn from the experience of others.  See my birth story below!

Hi Julie and Yoga Friends!

I’ll give you the short version of my birth story, followed by the long version for those interested. 

Our baby boy, Elias Julian Thronson, was an April Fool’s Day baby, born one week early on April 1st at 11:16am weighing in at 7lb 9oz and 19.5 inches.  I feel so blessed to have been able to have the drug-free birth we hoped for, and a happy and healthy baby. 

My last doctor’s appointment was on March 31st, where she advised I was 3 cm dilated.  I hadn’t been feeling any obvious BH contractions, but the week prior I could definitely feel things had shifted and he was moving, and Monday night that week I hardly slept because of lower back pain.  A little after midnight on Thursday, April 1st I awoke to contractions.  I still wasn’t positive they were contractions until I realized they were occurring every 10min, and after walking around and drinking water, they continued.  I kept trying to sleep them off (still convinced he wasn’t coming for another week or so), but they kept waking me up so I worked through them doing cat to cow and frog pose on the bed.  I was trying to let my husband (Eric) sleep, but woke him up at 1am to tell him I thought I was in labor. 

Around 1:30am my contractions started coming every 5min, and I started feeling nauseous.  About every 3rd contraction I ended up getting sick.  We labored at home as long as possible, taking a long hot shower, walking inside and outside quite a bit, with Eric pressing on my lower back through every contraction. We were consulting on the phone with our doula (Abbey Lake, who was awesome), and finally decided at 5:30am to head to the hospital because by that time my contractions were consistently 1min long and about 4min apart for 2hrs, and we were concerned I was dehydrated with the vomiting, despite all the water I was drinking. 

We checked in at UC Davis Medical Center around 6am, at that time I was 6cm dilated and 100% effaced.  We shared our birth preference plan with the nurses, and they were all incredibly supportive, making copies, and informing the on-call doctor and all new support staff of our desires.  (It also helped that our primary nurse had given birth twice drug-free.)  I worked through most of my contractions either by walking, or in a forward fold position, again with Eric applying lower back counter pressure.  I also did a lot of horse lips with my breathing.  In between contractions I felt completely exhausted, and just wanted to sleep.  I felt like I was sleeping between contractions (while sitting on a birth ball and laying onto the bed), but Eric said I was just in a trans-like state. 

Finally, at one point I turned to Abbey and Eric and told them I was considering an epidural, not because of the pain – I felt like I was managing through the pain, but because I was just so tired.  I think I imagined that if I had the epidural, I could take a nap.  Abbey reminded me that I was doing great, I was close, and she thought I could do this.  (Which is exactly why I wanted her there).  We decided that it might be time to have the doctor break my water to help speed things along.  I was excited to hear I was at 9cm when he broke my water.  After that point things became much more intense with hardly any breaks.  (had my water broken earlier, I don’t think I could have labored for hours at that intensity without some medicated relief). 

After I think a little more than an hour, it was finally time to push.  They gave me the option to choose my position, I was so sleepy I chose to lay on the bed, with my feet up on a squat bar, pulling on a sheet the nurse had wrapped around the bar.  In total, I think I pushed for about 30min.  This part was also very intense, but knowing I was in the home stretch, and the incredible positive reinforcement from the doctor, nurses, Eric and Abbey helped me get through.  Meeting and holding our little guy for the first time was such an amazing experience.  Again, I feel lucky to have had so many things line up to help us have the birth I desired. 

Things are going very well at home.  We had a few hiccups with weight gain and feeding initially, but I think we are out of the woods now and things are improving every day.


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Happy Birthday Elias!

Our baby boy Elias Julian Thronson was born one week early on April Fool’s Day, at 11:16am weighing in at 7lb 9oz and 19.5in.  Today, April 8th, is his due date and one week birthday.  Unfortunately for him his gift is a little snip-snip (sorry buddy!), but I thought I would also write him a letter.

Dear Elias,

Wow, I can’t believe just a week ago you were in my belly.  I thought I wasn’t ready yet for you to come out into the world to meet us.  I loved feeling your kicks (or as we have now figured out, your strong right upper cut, I can show your daddy exactly where that right arm was!)  It seemed safer and easier to care for you when you were inside me, and I was convinced you were coming late.  Instead, you decided to play the ultimate April Fool’s joke and arrive early.  I’m so grateful you did.

In my biased opinion, you are the most beautiful baby I have ever held, and I am so lucky to get to spend so much time with you.  Your daddy and I thought we wouldn’t be those parents are head over heels for their child, but you have successfully wrapped us around your little finger and converted us.  I sometimes think I couldn’t possibly love you more, then the next day (ok, or next hour), I find myself loving you even more. 

Those first few days at home were pretty exhausting.  The doctor was concerned about your weight loss and had us waking you up every 2 hours to feed, which meant mommy and daddy were lucky to get 60min of sleep between feedings.  After 2 days of this, I’m not sure how safe it was for us to be driving to your doctor’s appointments.  I almost cried and hugged the doctor when she said we could back off to 3hr feedings, giving us time to sleep in 2hr increments. 

Your daddy and I are amazed by you every day.  Your daddy (and the nurses) were impressed with your neck strength during your first bath at the hospital.  You were sitting there, fussing a bit, then all of a sudden lifted your head up and stared at the nurse, trying to figure out what was going on.  We love watching you sleep (even though we should be sleeping too!) because you make such amazing facial expressions.  Here are some of our favorite moments with you that made us laugh:

  • Your poos sound like those of an old man (or a Lindabury!)
  • You like to conduct an orchestra while you sleep
  • When you fall asleep during feedings, Daddy uses you as a puppet to tell stories.  We laugh and laugh, and you stay sound asleep.
  • When you are nursing and I sneeze, it looks like a tidal wave across the goods – and it doesn’t faze you!
  • When you are passed out sleeping with milk left on your lips, it looks like you are sleeping off a wild and crazy night on the town.

We look forward to many more birthday celebrations and fun moments with you!

Love always,


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